Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Number Seven

My friend Marley and I made a movie!

Cats are Great! from liz liles on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Number Six

Here's an interview my friend did of my for a blog he's trying to start.

its kinda funny!

elizabeth sumiko lopez-liles

liz liles is the coolest person i know in the universe. read about how cool she is here...

what does sumiko mean i dont know, it was my grandmothers first name. i guess i could look it up...

christian: it means child
dylan: lol thanks christian
christian: sorry to butt in

rad, thats cool i guess im a child.

you are 20 now! still a child till im 30 according to my mother

i guess thats a good philosophy that gives you more time to party with out feeling like you're doing nothing with your life ya dude im partying till feb 7, 2019

you can't everyone will be dead like 6 years before that. okay: how did you become so rad and awesome liz? ooo god....well my parents were fucking awesome. they did the same stuff me and dan do. they owned a space on 14th and R where they would have shows and art shows and parties...but they were punks, i am not. so i guess i just took after them. i owe all my "coolness" to them. they raised me right.

that sounds rad today i saw a picture of matt damon in the people magazine and he looked like your dad to me. anyway, liz did you have any embarassing phases or interests in your teenage or pre teen or infant years? yes! when i was in 4th grade-6th grade i dressed myself in 70s clothes or things i made really poorly and looked like a freak. i blame my mom for letting me wear whatever i want. then when i wentto sutter i felt like a freak and started to wear gap kids cuz i was really small. that didnt cut it so i became preppy and wore abercrombie. my mom and dad finally get fed up and refused to by me anything from that "racist, sexist place!" haha. and then the last bad moment i had was sophmore year i had really bad hair and tried to dress as shockingly as possible.

hahahahaha okay tell me about a day in the life of liz liles I wake up at 9am, go to weatherstone and get an iced tea and blueberry bran muffin. then i head to buffcastle. sit there all day on the computer or sewing, then i come home and take a shower. practice music. more computer stuff. then i get drunk and walk around town. then i lay down and watch bernie mac till i pass out.

everyday? no thats just an average weekday, weekends are different. theres usually a party or show and tomorrow im shooting the last bit of the sunless tanning commercial so thats a bitt diff.

ok liz tell me about music like what

you practicing music well....that consists of me getting high and then playing the clarinet. or if its the other band me getting drunk and playing drums. practicing music for us is very low key....theres really never any formal practice. it just happens when at least two of us can be practice can consist of a drummer and guitarist, or a clarinet and singer, or everyone!

what are your musical influences none when i play i dont think about anything i havent really listened to any bands with clarinets and i try to not sound like a sax

what about that one band WHAT BAND

that played friday i forget their name but the guy played a clairnet i think ooo ya ya i guess he would be an influence he plays like a guitar haha death sentence panda. ya actually hes tight!

what is it like to be the queen of buff/fun castle? do you get special vip treatment and shit? actually i dont get vip treatment anywhere. like ya people know me, but the majority of sacramento are "club kids" and they think our scene is weird and freaky... and i cant get speacial treatment at clubs cuz im underage and thats the disadvantage of people knowing you cuz even the bouncers know how old i am

what is your favorite thing to do on a weekend or on a week day or at any time go to a show thats not at my house and get really wasted and dance till i lose my hearing and vision. or go to a house party thats not at my house and do something to make a mess. like kick a wall or poor a beer on the ground or throw a bottle at the wall...(all things i guess ive done.

that is awful liz... does daniel ever get mad at you for raising hell? yes...he says its childish and i dont care cuz i am a child my middle name is fucking sumiko!

daniel is so old and boring right?! speaking of old people, tell us about your neighbor doug... doug is very cool actually theres a rad video about him called beautiful america done by two french girls... he works at records for free, he buys cases of beer to sell to us and others, and he listens to jazz records and sits in a big leather chair

wait theres a movie about him? liz how do i find this movie about doug

what is your favorite flavor of kombucha? cosmic cranberry

really? that is kelseys favorite see its cuz shes a girl! we are trained to love cramberries.

liz what is your favorite restaurant? picante in berkeley

now christian asks liz questions:

c: what is your dream job my dream job is to be an art director for photo shoots haha

c: tell us some hidden talent you have my hidden talent is i am really good at improv dance

c: tell us something we don't know about you somethinf you dont know about me: i was a child prodigy in many aspects of my life

c: tell us one of the most intense moments in your life, good or bad my most intese monet: getting hip surgery. it ruined my career

ok liz thanks see you friday

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Number Five

So I have a new computer and Ive never really explore imovie. Here's my first attempt...a little dorky, but I'm learning!
Untitled from liz liles on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Number four

Currently I am working at the shop right now. Not one single person has bought something today. But there is a bike rider in here looking at a vintage 70s cycling jersey. hopefully he spends some hungry!

we have tons of cool stuff!
like these real, authentic, vintage stunner shades! i should ebay these for a million dollars! instead there 8 bones.

here's me looking sick still and bored:

and here's my shirt!
I don't know hwy but I keep finding super weird old vintage shirts with mickey mouse that don't seem to have anything to do with disney.
good bye!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Number 3

I am very very ill, and when I am sick I cry a lot. I have no idea why but everything makes me upset. I think I will be fine tomorrow....
Anyway, here's an update:
My birthday is on Saturday! I'll be the big 2-0
Mayyors, Death Sentence Panda, and War Streams will be playing at my house on friday to celebrate!
Mayyors is rad!
Death Sentence: Panda! is also rad!
Warm Streams is rad too!
Joshua Plague is the singer and had a full article in A&P Quarterly(a favorite magazine of mine.)